Brewing of the Kefalonian Beer starts with the careful selection of the most appropriate raw ingredients as a foundation for our premium quality beers.

Malt of 100% Greek origin, elite variety of hop, high quality yeast but also the excellent, clear waters that flow in the area properly processed, provide optimum groundwork conditions which ultimately lead to the fantastic flavor you taste in your glasses!

The exact process begins in our facility and has the milling of the malt as an initial step.




The milled malt is then put for extraction by mixing it with water which has previously been heated at a given temperature for a specific amount of time in order for the enzymes found in malt to break down starchy materials and produce sugars. This step is called mashing. The by-product of this series of events is a sweet, lukewarm liquid called “wort”.  

After extraction, the wort is then placed in the boil vessel to boil in high temperatures for a certain amount of time stated in our recipes (approximately 1-2h). At this stage the hop is added; an ingredient most crucial to the final flavor and bitterness of the beer.



The following step is that of fermentation. Once the wort has boiled, it is transferred in the fermenters, where yeast is also added and the fermentation process begins. Through fermentation process; yeast and maltose(sugars) react to produce alcohol along with carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Once this procedure is finished, the beer is lagered (stored) at approximately 0 Celsius and a process named as “consisting” begins; meaning the process of storage for enough time to produce the perfect Kefalonian beer! 



Finally, once the beer has matured enough it is ready for bottling and storage. It is noteworthy, that at this stage, even though the beer has been bottled and is ready for the market, it is still kept for a few more weeks to prolong the maturation and is then ready to be served.


And then…YIA MAS (CHEERS)!

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